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Cabinet Access Control at its best. The new GEMiSYS2 All-In-One cabinet access control system.

Small, cost effective, simple to use, install and specify. Invisible, fully featured cabinet access control system.

Single or multi door opening, built in alarms, audit trail, secure RFID card/fob access, remote or onsite key management, mains powered or battery operated etc. Capable of driving almost any type of lock (motor, solenoid, mag).

PDF Downloads.

GEMiSYS2 Data Sheet

GEMiSYS2 User Manual


Electronic Locking for Retail

Designed especially for the high security requirements in jewellery, watch and luxury goods stores the DIAMOND[E]MOTION® products provide a complete new dimension of sales presentation. Due to the easy opening of show cases the sales presentation provides  a new level of easy elegance.  Systems are available with automated opening functionality for the ultimate in elegant retail experiences. Customers include Rolex, Dior, Harrods, DeBeers Selfridges and many more.

Elelock is Memo’s premium service partner and exclusive distributor of Memo products for the United Kingdom.


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