Elelock GEMiSYS2

All-in-one lock controller

Cabinet Access Control at its best. The new GEMiSYS2 All-In-One cabinet access control system.

Small, cost effective, simple to use, install and specify. Invisible, fully featured cabinet access control system.

Single or multi door opening, built in alarms, audit trail, secure RFID card/fob access, remote or onsite key management, mains powered or battery operated etc. Capable of driving almost any type of lock (motor, solenoid, mag).

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Features & Benefits

  • Miniature Design
  • Low power consumption
  • Simple Plug & Play Architecture
    • Simple to Specify
    • Simple to Install
    • Simple to Use
  • Self-managed or remotely managed access control permissions
  • Built in RFID card reader
  • Can operate any type of electronic lock
    • Motor Lock
    • Solenoid Lock
    • Mag Lock
  • Supports door and lock status monitors
  • Optional audit trail collection module
  • Optional secure Bluetooth control / backup opening
  • Single or multiple door opening


Typical Applications

Jewellery cases

Display cases

Drug cabinets

Cosmetics displays

Lockers storage

Desk drawers
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