Designers and Manufacturers of electronic locking solutions

Elelock produce a range of exclusive and OEM, electronic security and locking products, primarily for retail and distribution security. Most readily available from stock.

Retail Security Products
Electronic Lock & OEM Products

Elelock's knowledge and expertise of electronic locks is unparalleled

Our locking solutions are favoured by…

Architects & Designers

Designers and Architects favour our virtually invisible and adaptable locking solutions.

Installers & Manufacturers

Installers and Furniture Makers welcome our easy to install products and efficient support.

Loss Prevention

Our proven and reliable locks help to limit losses and come with established audit trail capabilities.

End Users

Our locks are simple to use and easy to administer, independently or with our support.

Electronic Lock Control Products

For Retail Security

Gemisys2 – All-in-on lock controller
Cabinet Access Control at its best. The new GEMiSYS2 All-In-One cabinet access control system. Capable of driving almost any type of lock (motor, solenoid, mag).

More about Gemisys2
Electronic Lock & OEM Products

For Distribution Security and Specialist Applications

OEM & Turnkey locking solutions for ‘Final Mile’ locker systems and specialist applications. Our systems are offered in powered or battery-operated styles with on door, centralized or over the air access control.

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Electronic Lock Products

Electronic Locks for all applications

Motor Locks, Solenoid Locks, Battery Locks and All-in-One Controllers
For Retail, Health Care, Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Leisure & Cash Handling. Typical Applications include:

Jewellery Cases

Display Cases

Drug Cabinets

Cosmetics Displays

Vending Machines

Key Cabinets

Machine Access Covers

Filing Cabinets

Lockers & Storage

Portable Carry Cases

Desk Drawers

It's time for invisible tech-led security solutions

Keep watch on your products with our bespoke electronic locking and monitoring solution

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