Motor Operation Cabinet Lock with Door and Lock Status Monitor – PULL TO OPEN

A high holding force PULL TO OPEN electronic lock designed specifically for cabinet applications. Like the R4-EMS, it’s compact size makes it suitable for many small & medium enclosure applications with advanced features such as lock status monitoring and mechanical emergency release. The R4-EMP has the additional benefit of a separate door monitor sensor and requires a pull action to open.

Reliable, highly secure, low power, cost effective, and simple to install, the R4-EMP is a versatile and intelligent electronic locking solution for your small & medium enclosure applications.

The pull to open function of the R4-EMP is particularly suitable for application with multiple locks fitted to single doors / drawers or systems with multiple simultaneous unlocking doors / drawers.

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Operation Mode: Fail Locked with mechanical emergency release and lock status monitoring.
Mounting Orientation: Inline entry catch
Opening Action: PULL to OPEN
Lock Status Monitoring: YES
Door Status Monitoring: YES (independent)
Release under Preload: YES
Operating Voltage: 12 to 24v DC
Power consumption: 12v DC = <400mA
Operating Temperature: -20C to +60C (5 to 85% RH)
Static Holding Force: Approx 550kg

Features & Benefits

  • Compact Design
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Motor Driven
  • ABS/PC and Stainless Steel Construction
  • Mechanical Emergency Release
  • Pull to Open, Push to Close
  • Can remain unlatched until commanded to relatch
  • Built in Door & Lock Status Monitor
  • Multiple Catch Options Available

Typical Applications

Jewellery cases

Display cases

Drug cabinets

Cosmetics displays

Vending machines

Key cabinets

Machine access covers

Filing cabinets

Lockers storage

Desk drawers
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