Solenoid Operation Cabinet Lock

A compact electronic lock designed specifically for cabinet applications. The EK-99’s compact size makes it suitable for many small enclosure applications with spring eject (with additional built in door pusher) and mechanical emergency release. The main housing is stainless steel and has four threaded mounting holes.

This low-cost solution is reliable, secure and simple to install. The EK-99 is a versatile electronic locking solution for your small enclosure applications.

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Operation Mode: Fail Locked with mechanical emergency release
Mounting Orientation: Inline entry catch
Opening Action: Spring Eject
Lock Status Monitoring: YES
Door Status Monitoring: YES (implied via lock status detection)
Release under Preload: YES
Operating Voltage: 12 to 24v DC
Power consumption: 12v DC = 2.2A
24v DC = 0.9A
Operating Temperature: -40C to +75C (5 to 95% RH)
Static Holding Force: Approx 350kg

Features & Benefits

  • Compact Design
  • Solenoid Driven
  • Operates Under Preload
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Mechanical Emergency Release
  • Spring Eject, Push to Close
  • Built in Lock Status Monitor

Typical Applications

Jewellery cases

Display cases

Drug cabinets

Cosmetics displays

Vending machines

Key cabinets

Machine access covers

Lockers storage
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