Retail Security Locks

Safe. Secure. Simple.

Remove the stress of keeping your valuable stock protected with the Elelock GEMiSYS2 all-in-one cabinet access control system. It’s the modern electronic locking solution for retail security.

From jewellery cases, cosmetic displays, perfume cabinets to drug cabinets this easy-to-install lock controller gives you peace of mind with its simple operation, and a wealth of customisable settings, while also providing the option of an insightful audit trail for valuable data.

Available for single or multi-door opening and with a built-in RFID card reader and Bluetooth technology, your displays will be guarded against unauthorised access.

Take advantage of a bespoke locking solution designed to your requirements by problem-solving security experts, trusted by premium UK retailers and distribution companies.

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Key benefits to the Retail Security sector

  • Ergonomic design and simple installation *with minimal components*
  • Cost-effective
  • Capable of operating any type of electronic lock, including motor, solenoid and maglock *to ensure the best locking solution for your application*
  • Single or multi-door opening
  • Bespoke systems available
  • Optional audit trail collection and reporting *offering peace of mind, advanced investigation and valuable merchandising data*
  • Secure RFID card/fob access

Typical Applications

Jewellery cases

Display cases

Cosmetics displays

Drug cabinets

Lockers storage

Office furniture

Why our customers trust us


Our Experience

We have been supplying the UK’s premium retailers and distribution companies for 15 years. Our products actively protect many well-known high-street and luxury brands.

Retail loss prevention

Retail Loss Prevention

Elelock’s enhanced technology locking solutions lead the way in protecting stock, reducing shrinkage and promoting efficient distract-free environments in the luxury items market, i.e. perfumes and cosmetics.

Bespoke solutions

Bespoke Solutions

Our in-house, professional design engineers and project managers work with leading installers, furniture makers, retailers and architects to design and deliver locking solutions bespoke to your requirements.

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Case studies


Here we demonstrate Elelock’s experience deploying retail security electronic locking solutions.


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