Ultra High Security Jewellery Cabinet

Our exclusive customer wanted to create a luxurious showroom in the heart of London.  The environment and the product presentation needed to be of the highest quality with a buying experience to match.


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Glass Jewellery Cabinet


The furniture used in this store was constructed of very large, heavy steel and so required substantial locks to provide appropriate security.

Freestanding display cases had large rear opening doors, pedestal display cases were slim and intricate and wall mounted displays required extra ‘wow factor’.

Due to the very high value of the products on offer, the entire system was to operate under a highly secure dual authentication protocol.


Elelock worked with the security integrator, the architects and furniture manufacturers from the beginning of the process, providing advice on the best solutions to meet the stringent requirements.

The Elelock solution was to provide a GEMiSYS2 controller solution with each controller being connected to a central fingerprint operated ‘Zone Controller’.  This ensured that each cabinet could not be opened unless pre-authorised by a senior member of sales staff or security personnel.

The same GEMiSYS2 control system was used to operate all types of display case.

  • Dual heavy-duty locks were used on the large window display cubes.
  • Strong but small electronic latches were used for all pedestal and counter display cases.
  • Bespoke motorized glass lifts were used in the wall displays, providing a highly luxurious viewing experience.


The Elelock GEMiSYS2 system was configured and customized to meet the customers’ exacting needs.

All display cases were operated in the same manner, irrespective of construction, size or location.  This provided continuity and elegance during the sales process.

All display cases were protected by a highly secure system with the added benefit of having full audit trail traceability of each action undertaken.

To assist with the presentation of the access card in the correct place, the lock gives an audible beep indication that the card has been read.

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