Connected Devices Store to maximise use of Front-of-House storage

As a global mobile phone retailer began its regional upgrade of its stores to focus on a broader range of connected devices, the stores were to gain a new look as they changed both the products they sell and the way they sell them.


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Connected Devices Store to maximise use of Front-of-House storage


As the client began its design of the new look stores to be rolled out across the UK, Elelock were asked to supply our class leading GEMiSYS2 retail security system.

The clients move into a wider range of products sparked a whole new store design concept. The new store design was required to maximise retail space availability to enable them to securely display a much wider range of products.

In order to maximise retail space, the Back-of-House areas were reduced and the Front-of-House areas increased. This required a shift in product storage strategies in some stores. More product would be moved to secure Front-of-House storage but access to the product needed to remain swift.


Elelock were able to support from the early stages of the store design to ensure a best-in-class system could be rolled out with ease.

Working alongside architects, designers, manufacturers and users ensured that exactly the right system could be specified and supplied.

The flexibility and range of solutions available from Elelock enabled the maximum utilization of all furniture types for stock storage. Display cabinets, shelves and even seating were able to be utilized effectively ensuring secure, discrete, plentiful storage which was, in some cases, almost invisible to the visiting customer.


The Elelock GEMiSYS2 security system offered many benefits to the client in this scenario.

  • An off the shelf, always stocked solution could be provided quickly to facilitate prototype and production builds as required.
  • The GEMiSYS2 system provides an exceptionally strong locking solution with extremely low power consumption.
  • As the product is designed and manufactured in-house, within the UK, customisation and configuration to suit the customers exact needs was swift and simple.
  • Elelock’s wide range of lock solutions ensured that exactly the right locks could be used for each cabinet design. There were no compromises in security or operation as Elelock do not have the restrictions of a ‘one lock fits all’ range.  Elelock’s wide range of locks are carefully selected to ensure every storage unit has the best solution.
  • The system is invisible once installed. The discrete design ensures the aesthetics of the display case are not spoilt by a visible lock or access reader.
  • Areas of the store which would not traditionally be used for storage could now be utilized.
  • There is no obvious attack point as with a mechanical locking solution.
  • The system’s built in advanced features such as Door Open Warning Alam, Audit Trail Collection and Secure Key Management provide additional assurance.
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