Glass Jewellery Cabinet

Our customer required a discrete electronic locking system for their large, single piece multi door display furniture. The customer offers a highly attentive, one-to-one specialist purchasing experience of high end luxury products.


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Glass Jewellery Cabinet


The furniture would need to be built on site due to its size and so integration of the electronic locking system had to be as simple as possible. The customers’ staff need to provide a seamless and elegant purchasing experience for their clients.

There was no power available to the cabinet.


Through an initial consultation with the furniture manufacturer, Elelock specified and supplied battery operated cabinet locks with specially adapted external antennas to facilitate a convenient lock placement and card read position.

The Elelock team supplied onsite training and ongoing end user support as the customer’s requirements evolved over time to ensure the system continuously met their requirements.


The Elelock EL15 with external antenna was a perfect solution for this application.

Our solution enabled the customer to achieve their discrete locking requirements which provide a seamless and elegant purchasing experience in their highly attentive, specialist retail environment.

Our end user support gave the furniture maker the confidence to supply and fit our products in their showcase.

Access card administration is simple and quick.  Where required, all locks could be delivered preconfigured for each store.

The ECL15 lock has a slam to latch action which means the door or drawer can simply be closed once stock is removed.  There is no need to present the card again to lock the doors thus ensuring that they are not accidentally left unlocked.

To assist with the presentation of the access card in the correct place, the lock gives an audible beep indication that the card has been read.

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