Cosmetics and Perfume store suffering from opportunist theft

A large multi store retailer was suffering significant losses through theft from their stores. Large volumes of small but expensive products were stored in drawers and cupboards throughout the store. Thieves were boldly walking in to stores and helping themselves to products in the unlocked cabinetry.


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Cosmetics and Perfume store suffering from opportunist theft


The client was suffering losses through theft from existing stores. The multiple stores furniture was in good condition, not due a refit and operating a high volume of sales all week. It was difficult to stop operations for major works.
Power was not available or practical at the required locking locations.

Cosmetics and Perfume store suffering from opportunist theft


Elelock were able to carry out an assessment at a number of stores to understand the issue fully. Through discussion with store staff and management staff, the solution of a retrofitted battery operated ECL123 was decided upon.

Elelock was able to assist in the initial installation and the creation of unique fitting jigs for the customers’ furniture. The bespoke fitting jigs allowed multiple parties to fit the locks simultaneously with each at various locations.

Elelock also worked with the furniture maker to ensure fitment at the build stage was carried out correctly and efficiently.


The Elelock EL123 was a perfect solution for this application.

The battery-operated lock is accessed via a Mifare RFID card.   This enables the lock to be fitted to the back of a door or drawer and the access card presented on the outside to gain access.

Access card administration is simple and quick and all locks could be delivered preconfigured for each store.

The locks are invisible once fitted so potential thieves have no obvious attack point to aim for.

The ECL123 lock has a retracting slam latch which means the door or drawer can simply be closed once stock is removed.  There is no need to present the card again to lock the doors thus ensuring that they are not accidentally left unlocked.

To assist with the presentation of the access card in the correct place, the lock gives an audible beep indication that the card has been read.

With the aid of the bespoke fitting jigs, installation of the locks into existing furniture was possible in as little as 5 mins per piece of furniture.  This made for a fast, efficient and very cost effective retrofit solution.

Minimal tools were required during installation and no damage was caused to the furniture in doing so.

With the introduction of these locks, theft was immediately eliminated form the protected furniture.

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