Final Mile Delivery

Our customer required an electronically accessed, rapidly deployable, large capacity PUDO (Pick Up Drop Off) locker to be used in all weather conditions.


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Elelock - Final Mile Delivery


The PUDO locker was to be in constant use by multiple customers. Therefore, access to the locker would need to be dynamically assigned as required ensuring that access by authorized users was available as and when required.
The locker and electronic locking system had to be durable, secure and able to survive all weather conditions the UK could expect.


Through extensive consultation with the customer and with Elelock’s deep understanding of the use case and requirements, a completely new locker was designed and delivered for testing in a matter of weeks. The locker’s design and unique hybrid construction passed all environmental and robustness testing ‘first time’ enabling a swift and effective roll out of the product.


Elelock were able to provide the customer with a single source solution, developing and manufacturing both the electronic locking system and the lockers in record time.
All production locking systems and lockers were manufactured at the Elelock facilities ensuring that the customer had one point of contact for design and manufacturing. This ensures the product quality is of the highest standards with a single supplier being responsible for the entire system from design to delivery.

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