Elelockers – Deployable Locker System

During the Covid 19 pandemic, retail changed in a way no one could have expected.  Elelock were quick off the mark to help overcome some of the difficult challenges being faced by retailers and logistics companies.


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Elelockers - Deployable Locker System


The ‘Click and Collect’ market gained enormous traction during the Covid-19 lockdowns and restrictions.  Retailers were struggling with lower sales volumes and consumers were unable to visit stores freely.  Some retailers had begun to offer curbside click and collect at retail outlets but they were heavily reliant on manpower to function.

Introducing external ‘click and collect’ lockers quickly was difficult due to several factors:

  • External power infrastructure would have to be installed at great cost.
  • Installing external lockers with permanent power and permanent footings classified the lockers as a permanent structure which would then require time consuming planning permission.
  • Many retail outlets do not own the land outside their building and were therefore reliant on landlords to allow lockers to be installed.
  • Lockers would need to be easily integrated into the retailers sales system to avoid lengthy software development programs etc.

Elelockers - Deployable Locker System


Elelock designed and manufactured a low power modular locker system which could be installed into a10ft, 20ft or 40ft shipping container.

A container was modified to have an electrically operated side opening security shutter, allowing the unit to be opened in the morning and closed in the evening.

The modular lockers were not only able to fit different container sizes but they could also be configured with different door shapes and sizes, allowing small packages to be collected or large packages such as a 65” TV.

The unique low power electronic access system developed by Elelock enabled the system to be run entirely ‘Off Grid’, powered by solar cells on the roof of the container.

Being connected via 3G/4G modem, the system could be updated live, ensuring packages could be loaded and unloaded quickly and efficiently with full traceability of transactions.

The system software was designed to simply integrate with any online sales system or POS.

Elelockers - Deployable Locker System


The Elelock container locker system offered many significant benefits in the roll out of Click and Collect for retailers, such as;

  • Quickly deployed. A container locker system could be delivered to site, commissioned and operational in little over 1 Hour.
  • The system required no infrastructure of external power all year round.
  • No planning permission was required as it was a temporary structure.
  • Locker doors of all sizes were available for all types of packages, thus suiting all types of retailer.
  • Simple integration with customer sales systems
  • Simple QR code scanner access for loading and unloading of lockers
  • Live updates via 3G/4G modem.
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