Cash Handling System

Our client had an innovative cash handling system that counted bank notes and securely bagged the notes ready for collection by a cash handling service provider. They already had a proof of concept, but were unable to take the electronic design to a production ready solution.

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The existing proof of concept electronic design used many PCBs and connecting wires to control the electro-mechanical equipment within the unit. These PCBs also had to be manually tuned which was both time consuming and produced inconsistent results. This resulted in a high cost of manufacture along with reliability issues.


Our solution was to replace all of the PCBs with a single microprocessor controlled PCB. This allowed us to keep the manufacturing cost low while also allowing automatic calibration, self test diagnostics and functionality updates in the field.


Our solution provided a cost effective design, both in terms of bill of materials and manufacturing time. It also made fault diagnosis easier and allowed firmware updates in the field to enhance functionality.

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